MIllion Kind Hearts for Animals Campaign

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Gathering a million kind hearts to support our vision and mission for animals.

Two steers

Had enough of living in a violent world?

Are you sick at heart by animal suffering?

Do you want to make a big difference?

Kind Heart for AnimalsThen Be One of the Million Kind Hearts for Animals

Become a Change Agent Because the Animals Need Us to ACT NOW

We cow people (that’s us, Buddha and G. B. Shaw above) are inviting A Million Kind Human Hearts to help us create an exciting vision of a new tomorrow, where all farm animals live in peace and humans are evolved, kind and caring! Impossible you think? Not if you all band together and Donate to the Deep Peace Farm Project .This project tells the world that we’re not food, we’re family. And our species wants freedom!

How to Be One of a Million Kind Hearts for Animals

Here’s how to be one of a Million Kind Hearts for Animals:

  1. Donate Now 2Donate to the Deep Peace Farm Project. (See the cow explanation below and know that the horses, sheep and goats we have here, all agree. We need more land!) We’re looking for donations of all sizes, but also even large no or low interest loans. This vision is really urgent and important to us. Buying this extra land will save our sanctuary, save animals, and leave a lasting legacy of sustainability and safety for animals. Whatever you can, whether it is $5 or $50,000 or more, you can be a change agent for animals and make a difference. (If you’d like to donate using something other than Paypal, drop us a note. Likewise if you would like to offer a financial loan.)
  2. Kind Heart for AnimalsChange your avatar to our “I’m a Kind Heart for Animals” graphic. You could download the full size image here (or you can right-click the image on the right and Save it. You can change your avatar on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or wherever you interact online. This gets people thinking.
  3. Like the Facebook page for the Deep Peace Trust.
  4. Share this page with your friends, and encourage them to become one of a Million Kind Hearts for Animals.
  5. Sign up for our newsletter. (There’s a form in the right-hand column.)
  6. Become one of the Deep Peace Team, to help spread the word and raise funds for this fantastic project. Get in contact if you want to be where the action is.
  7. Become vegan. (It’s easy!)
  8. Consider getting a t-shirt, hoodie or postcard with the I’m a Kind Heart for Animals logo on it. They make great gifts and share the message of kindness to animals. Change the world, by being the change!

A Message from the Cows…

Hi beautiful humans,

This project is more than a sanctuary, it’s a Way that humans can evolve and live in harmony with us animals and nature. And it’s a Way that animals can contribute to a shift in human consciousness and the peace we all want.


The Deep Peace Farm Project is first about buying our old farm. There’s 300 of us animals here, and we really, really need the extra room. By supporting the Deep Peace Trust to buy this land right now, you will also save the lives of innocent lambs and calves who are already scared. You’ll reunite us with our mums who moo over the fence to us. And best of all, this land will be a legacy for us forever.

And our guardians, Billie and Andrew,, they care about farmers. They say that unless the animal movement cares about farmers, the farmers will always resist change. So they’ve come up with pioneering Ways to be sustainable without killing, hurting, or exploiting animals in any way. It includes a “value add” for keeping us alive. Which is a Very Good Thing. Cow suffering is old paradigm. It’s yesterday. It’s so over. Pleeeeease.

We are the cow people of peace. We want to live with our families and be respected for Who We Really Are.

The Deep Peace Farm is a visionary oasis offering inspiring educational, artistic and spiritual resources and retreats. It’s a blueprint for global change. As Billie and Andrew are also writers and filmmakers, rest assured the whole world will get to see what we are all up to on the Deep Peace Farm.

You humans want to be healthy, happy and thriving? Tune in!

We’re already mooovie stars in Wisdom from the Paddock — that’s a web series. And we’re promised roles in the forthcoming fun feature film The Farmer. Check it all out at


Some of the young friends we are trying to save.

We’ve got lots of work to do and we need your help. Because our mate Buckminster Fuller says that to create change you have to build something new. And the Deep Peace Farm project is new. It’s visionary. It’s a quantum leap in thinking and being. It’s geared to rocket change through resonance, ripples, impacting the Unified Field, the Butterfly Effect and all that.

We’re excited! Please help save our family and friends. Please help us create the New World of enlightenment, peace and harmony for us all. Please be a Kind Heart for Animals, and donate to the Deep Peace Farm Project. Because we don’t have much time!

By being a Kind Heart, not only do you know you have saved lives, but you will contribute to a lasting legacy, as the farm will be held by the Trust as a home for animals forever. And by supporting the Deep Peace Farm Project, you will also be contributing to human evolution. And that’s a good thing, because evolved humans like animals and don’t eat them.

Invite your friends to be Kind Hearts too. The quicker we can buy our home, the quicker we can be the change We want to see in the world (thanks Gandhi). When human Kind Hearts all get together for inspired action, we call it a Kindness Revolution for Evolution. Ha ha!

With lots of love, light, laughter and appreciation

Buddha and Shaw

PS. Below is our Auntie Sylvia next door — missing us.

Cow on land