What We Do

Promoting a world of deep peace for all species.

The Deep Peace Trust: Animals, Arts, Peace

A new story for the world – deep peace for all species.

And the Deep Peace Farm  Sanctuary — A Place of Peace, offering –

Rehabilitation. Respect.  Refuge  – to all non human beings, large and small.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” —Albert Schweitzer

The Deep Peace Trust is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the new world of deep peace for all species. We’re creating it, living it, and spreading the word that it is cool to shift the paradigm into beauty and kindness.


To help people understand and enjoy sacred connection with animals, nature and the other realms, so that true respect and reverence is inspired. And a  new societal story of loving-kindness and compassion is the norm.

The Deep Peace Trust was also set up to support A Place of Peace, a refuge offering rehabilitation to its hundreds of animal residents living in sacred sanctuary in NSW Australia, and also offering protection to an abundance of wildlife.

Operating for two decades, we are in a new phase with a goal of creating  beautiful, thriving sustainability through benevolent stewardship, co-creation and harmony with all life — seen and unseen.

Through the timeless wisdom of the ancients, evocative stories and poems, storytelling, and photographs, we blend the arts with our positive advocacy, offering impact through insight and making kindness and compassion normal. (The Kindness Revolution)

Imagine a world where animals lived long and happy lives with their families. And where humans understood that all life is sacred,  precious and inhabiting both seen and unseen. This is vital today for our planet to go forward.

Through the arts and education, the Trust aims to help people disrupt the old paradigm of fear and violence, and remember, reclaim, and reawaken the ancient memories of respect and reverence for all life and the sovereignty of every soul.  A new paradigm and Earth. A culture of gentle kindness and compassion. Deep peace for all species.

Dream. Imagine. Awaken. Remember. Take your wild soul dancing under the moon and stars, let the sun caress your skin, the wind tickle your hair and rejoice in the freedom of the animals, the respect for nature, and the true understanding of life as it is and as it could be.  This is the Deep Peace Dream.

The Deep Peace Trust offers:

Well in the Wilderness (this website, which is our virtual home), for people to drink from when they need hope, learning, inspiration or peace.

The Deep Peace Way (ancient wisdom with modern quantum thinking), an international outreach program.

Our Peacenik movement, inviting people to join our tribe and live the Deep Peace Way for more balance , harmony, peace  and love in all the realms.

Our Kindness Revolution This is normalising kindness through the actions of people all over the world by the way we eat, live, and make compassionate choices.

Our  Messages from the Animal Peace Ambassadors – allowing the animals to have a voice for change.

Rainbow Fianna — a wisdom school for animal sensitives and earth keepers based on the New Shamanism which Billie founded. This is educational outreach which looks at old wisdoms like telepathy with all life, to help people awaken their own innate gifts and shift their perspective of the world.

A Place of Peace, a living example of compassionate action with over 400 residents living in peace and contributing that peace to the unified field as subtle activism. A Place of Peace is one example of a new story for the world. And it is here we research and practise co-creation with all realms.

If you share a dream for  Deep Peace for All Species, join The Deep Peace Movement and make a Deep Peace Difference! Become a Peacenik and live the kind lifestyle! Take the Deep Peace Promise today!

Say Deep Peace out aloud. It calms you, and it calms the world around you. Take a moment to enjoy the resonance of Deep Peace.

* * *

The Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust is registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). Charitable Fundraising Number CFN/22658 and CFN/22666.

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