Sanctuary Life

Marybelle — A Life Worth Saving

It must be an awful feeling to be in trouble medically, and have all doctors close the door on you because you are the wrong species. Or you might be the wrong colour, or race or religion. But this is our world today. This is the true story of Marybelle — who is not just a…

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40+ New Lamb Souls (Have lost count!)

My phone rings: “Mum quick, a mother sheep needs help giving birth!” I grab towels, my birthing medicine kit and a bag with sterile gloves and everything else I need to be a sheep midwife. I pop dogs in the car and drive into the special maternity paddock we have created. Would the baby be…

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Introducing Maeve and Integrating New Dogs into the Pack

I saw her posted on the Facebook wall of my school, Rainbow Fianna. Within seconds I was ringing the pound. No thought required. Found wandering the streets of a country town, she was in danger of being put to death for no other reason than she was homeless. She called. I answered. And now we’re back up to…

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Story About Cows

Click the image below to see photos of cute cows loving their hay. The cows we rescued last year were nervous. There were the two people who fed them. And a stranger.  And the yards. It could only mean one thing. Suddenly before our eyes,14 calves bunched together under the order of two cow mothers, and…

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All Life is Precious

So today while I was out feeding horses, I noticed a log that was dangerouly close to being swept into the dam as little Avalon is running with water at the moment. The log called me to help. As I collected the log, it broke open to reveal an ant colony. I spent the next…

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Una the Amazing Sheep

So last night just as I was going to bed at around 1 am (an early night), I heard an insistent baaaaaaaa. I wandered outside in my slippers to check who was calling and there was a lone sheep outside the house yard fence, where 16 sheep are currently living. All 16 were present. Uh,…

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The Further Adventures of Elf with Food

People enjoyed the first Adventures of Elf with Food, so I thought I’d do another instalment. Elf, for newcomers, is my (Billie’s) nickname.  I feed the cows (and horses and goats and sheep) hay. And they love me back! To them, I am Elf with Food. Well, they do have other names for me, which…

The Adventures of Elf with Food

So last night I was writing till 3 am. I thought I had better go to bed. Every day is a big day here. But there was this quiet and insistent mournful moo which I could hear from the open bedroom window. Tired Mind said, “They’ll work it out. They are clever beings.” But another…

5 Reasons to Love Sheep and Not Eat Them

We’ve learned a lot about the spirit and spark of  sheep. Here are five reasons to love them, and not eat them. In bringing up Sarah the lamb inside the house, we found that she loved classical music and would often sit at Andrew’s feet as he played, looking up at him adoringly. Sarah, like all lambs,…

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RIP Freda the Sheep

We just lost Freda. The sun sank a little in the sky when her breath left. Like a whisper, it walked in the trees. Tears fell. A little sheep born in peace, and taken far too young. Six long months of tending a lamb who grew to be a vital young sheep living in freedom,…

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