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Hello and thank you for supporting our work! Your support tells the world you believe the life of an animal is precious, that you no longer accept violence and fear as the norm, that you want to reduce the human footprint of suffering, and that you are a human angel for animals, the earth and everywhere! You are helping humans evolve!

There are lots of ways to support the animals of A Place of Peace and the work of the Deep Peace Trust.

Most helpful are our sustaining donors, who contribute to the care of animals month in and month out. Want to make a difference to an animal’s life? Please consider being a Peace Angel supporting one of our Animal Peace Ambassadors.

If you’d like to to make a one-off heart gift, please donate to one of our fundraising campaigns, either our Hay Appeal or our Animal Life Enrichment Program, or give a gift of kindness over in our shop.

Alternatively, simply use the PayPal buttons below (there’s even one for using US dollars at the bottom). If you would prefer another form of donation, like EFT, please contact us for details, including banking information.

And again, many, many thanks for supporting our work including our outreach and education work. Your donation makes the dream of a better world possible! Bless you xxx

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A Thank You Certificate, A Pic, and a Story

When you donate, we’d like to send you a thank you certificate. And if you purchase this item as a gift for someone else, we’ll send you a thank-you certificate with your name and their name on it for you to print out and give to them. Whether it is for you for someone else, we can send you a beautiful digital picture of an animal of your choice, and a short story about them. All we need you to do is use the Contact page to send us:

  • Your name as you’d like it on the certificate.
  • The recipient’s name as you’d like it on the certificate if it is for someone else.
  • Your email address, so we can send the files to you.

A huge thank you from the animals of A Place of Peace, who think you are wonderful for supporting them!

Kind Heart for Animals

About the Trust

The Deep Peace Trust, a not-for-profit charity with a mission of deep peace for all species. Together, we can make a difference — a beautiful world.

Our sanctuary, A Place of Peace, is now at capacity with 400+ safe and happy animals, like Buddha in the photo below. A Place of Peace is funded through the donations of angels like yourself.  All donations go directly to the animals’ upkeep and care. (As you can imagine, we buy a lot of hay, as well as vet care and supplements for everyone.)

Gifts may also go to fund our educational and outreach efforts helping us extend our reach for change. We’re incredibly grateful to anyone who wants to support, not just our sanctuary, but our wider work to explore and bring knowledge to the world of ahimsa in all realms. Thank you for your generous heart making an impossible dream, possible. Together we can inspire a culture of love and hope for a world at peace. So thank you again for caring for helping us continue to do the important work of the Deep Peace Trust!

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Make a Deep Peace Difference!

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The Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust is registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). Charitable Fundraising Number CFN/22658 and CFN/22666.

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