Meet and Support the Animal Peace Ambassadors

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While A Place of Peace is a sacred sanctuary for the animal residents and as such not open to the public, some of the animals would like to make a difference and speak on behalf of their species, or about an issue. So please, read their stories, enjoy their photos, and help A Place of Peace by supporting your favourite Animal Peace Ambassador (there’s a button for it on their page).

By supporting a Peace Ambassador, you not only help the sanctuary keep going, but you are telling the world that you support a kinder paradigm — a paradigm that embraces respect and kindness to all animals — deep peace for all species. You are saying that the lives of animals (especially farm animals) matter, and that their treatment in the world is important to you. Your donation contributes directly to the care of the animals at A Place of Peace, including food and veterinary care.

So give yourself the joy of supporting an animal whose voice in the world seeks to bring understanding to their species.

And thank you! Blessings and deep gratitude to you!

  • Queen Maeve the Wolfhound

    Maeve called to Billie, and Billie answered that call.

  • Sarah the Sheep

    The first sheep ever to find a home at A Place of Peace, Sarah is the perfect example of someone who gets along with all species.

  • Red Moon

    Brumby mother extraordinaire, and part of the second wave of brumbies to find a home at A Place of Peace.

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