Meet the Team


Andrew Billie Tamsin Jan 2016

Hi there! We’re Billie (front), Andrew (left), and Tamsin (right), the founders of the Deep Peace Trust and the people behind Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary, A Place of Peace.

  • Billie Dean

    Billie Dean is the world's leading authority on animal spirituality, a popular keynote speaker, a creative artist, peace advocate, award-winning animal rights advocate and a social visionary.

  • Andrew Einspruch

    Andrew Einspruch is an author, tech geek, animal lover and award-winning vegan advocate. If it's fences or poly pipe that needs mending, hay that needs feeding out, or a cat who needs a cuddle, Andrew's your guy.

  • Tamsin Dean Einspruch

    Tamsin has been helping care for the animals at A Place of Peace since she was old enough to pet a dog or carry a bucket of water. She's an integral part of the day-to-day running of the sanctuary, and is a whiz at words, photos, and video.