Queen Maeve the Wolfhound

maeve smiling 2016

Maeve’s Story

I (Billie) saw her posted on the Facebook wall of my school, Rainbow Fianna. Here’s exactly what I saw:

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 15.42.20 PM

Within seconds I was ringing the pound. No thought required. Found wandering the streets of a country town, she was in danger of being put to death for no other reason than she was homeless. She called. I answered.

And now we’re back up to seven dogs. Queen Maeve has come home.

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Your support of Maeve says that you care how animals are treated. Helping Maeve live a life of peace is a way of saying to the world that what we do to animals like Maeve matters, and that you believe in a kinder, more compassionate, and gentler way of being in harmony with other species. Your support of Maeve goes to her feeding and care, and to putting a smile on her face each and every day.

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