A Gift of Kindness — Support Jake the Lamb at A Place of Peace


Give the gift of kindness, and support Jake the Lamb at A Place of Peace.




Surprise! Lambs!

At A Place of Peace, we don’t breed to sell. We give sanctuary and a home for life. We’ve done that for more than 200 sheep, and our flock enjoys days of peace and paddock and hay.

But this year, we had a surprise. A neighbouring ram must have made a stealth visit one night without us knowing, and had quite a time. You can read more about it here. And five months later, nature did her thing, and suddenly we were up to our elbows in lambs!

These lambs are the cutest! So smart, so cheeky, and so playful. Plus, they will live lives of peace, never needing to leave their mothers’ sides except to go have fun with their friends.

Support Jake the Lamb at A Place of Peace

You can support one of the lambs at A Place of Peace, like Jake in the photo above, in several ways. The best way is to become a monthly or weekly donor, as your on-going support will help Jake live in peace month in and month out. You can also support Sarah the Sheep, who is one of our Animal Peace Ambassadors and is the elder spokesperson for all the sheep here.

Or, if you’d like to make a one-off gift of kindness to Jake the lamb the lambs, simply add this item to your cart and check on out!

No matter how you do it, your support of Jake says that you care how animals are treated. Helping a lamb live a life of peace is a way of saying to the world that what we do to animals like these lambs matters, and that you believe in a kinder, more compassionate, and gentler way of being in harmony with other species. Your support of a lamb goes to his or her feeding and care, and to putting a smile on their face each and every day.

Thank you for being awesome, and lamb cuddles from Jake for you!

A Thank You Certificate, A Pic, and a Story

If you purchase this item as a gift for someone else, we’ll send you a thank-you certificate with your name and their name on it for you to print out and give to them, as well as a beautiful digital picture of Jake, and a short story about him for you to share with them. All we need you to do is use the Contact page to send us:

  • Your name as you’d like it on the certificate.
  • The recipient’s name as you’d like it on the certificate.
  • Your email address, so we can send the files to you.

A huge thank you from Jake, who thinks you are wonderful for supporting him!


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