Animal Life Enrichment Project

Our Animal Life Enrichment Project is raising urgent funds to make sure the cows, horses and sheep have safe, adequate fencing, as well as a variety of shelters in different paddocks as protection from the elements. As the resident population ages, we want to ensure they have good protection and that we have a hospital barn close to the house for those who need extra care.

Good fencing is a key to sustainable land management, making sure that paddocks can rest and regrow. It is also crucial to making sure the animals stay on the sanctuary and don't go wandering to meet the neighbours.

We also like to provide shelters in as many paddocks as we can, so that when that area is being used, we're sure there's a place for the animals to stay out of harsh weather, whether that is the summer sun or the winter rains.

You contribution to the Animal Life Enrichment Project supports the on-going improvement of the infrastructure that the animals enjoy. And we guarantee that all the money goes to the benefit of the animals.