Winter Hay Appeal 2017

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Can you help keep A Place of Peace in hay? Purchasing hay and other feed and supplements for our residents is by far the biggest expense we face every year. We quite literally go through tonnes of it to keep everyone happy, healthy, and well-fed (and this includes wildlife, like hungry wombats in winter who love to nibble on oaten hay in the hay shed).

So, we're looking for Peace Angels who love animals to help support us to feed the 450 blessed souls who call A Place of Peace home. Can you help them stay peaceful and well fed?

We currently pay around $260 for a big bale, and go through nearly two of those a day on average in winter. And in winter, the wildlife gets to enjoy it too (see pic below).

The best way to support us is with a monthly or weekly donation, as the regular contributions mean that we don't have to give as much focus to fundraising. You can also do that by sponsoring one of our Animal Peace Ambassadors.

Or, be part of our 2017 Winter Hay Appeal by clicking the Support Now button on this page. Your generous heart gift will help keep the animals of A Place of Peace in hay and happiness. And by doing so, you are making a statement to the world about the value of animals' lives! At a Place of Peace, we believe all life matters and is precious and important! If you agree, you can show everyone that compassion is catching! Donate now to our Hay Appeal, and we guarantee that your donation goes entirely to the animals' food.

And the animals say thank you, thank you, thank you.

How can you help?

Contributing to the Hay Appeal is simple. Just click the Support Now button in the box on the right,  enter your details and the amount of your contribution, and off you go!