Winter Hay Appeal

Can you help A Place of Peace this winter? Grass in our area didn't get a chance to grow this autumn and we are going through tons of hay to feed not only our residents, but the resident wildlife as well.

We're looking for Peace Angels who love animals and especially hungry wombats (who are breaking into our hay shed every night!), to help support us over the next hump of winter hay feeding.  Can you help A Place of Peace residents stay peaceful and well fed??

We are currently paying  $260 for a big bale, and going through nearly two of those a day.  We're even needing to leave hay out for the wildlife (see pic below) .  We don't want to have to cut back their food rations.  It's cold out there.

So please make a generous heart gift to help keep the animals of A Place of Peace in hay and happiness.

Make a statement to the world about the value of animals' lives!  At a Place of Peace we believe all life matters and is precious and important!!  Show everyone that compassion is catching!!!   Donate now to our Winter Hay Appeal (or sponsor an Animal Peace Ambassador). We guarantee that your donation goes entirely to the animals' food.

And the animals say thank you, thank you, thank you.

How can you help?

Contributing to the Winter Hay Appeal is simple. Just click the Support Now button in the box on the right,  enter your details and the amount of your contribution, and off you go!