Imagine  the love of ahimsa in every human, so the universe may live in deep peace and love. Imagine a world without fear or suffering.  A world where humans remembered the interconnectivity of the web of life, and the sacred importance of animals, nature and the subtle realms.   Where people could be free to enjoy their unique creative expression, untroubled by shadows of darkness, and animals could radiate their divinity in harmonious partnership with an evolved humanity.  This is our vision – a new Earth which is cultured, kind, compassionate and joy-filled. One of deep peace for all species

In 1978 Billie learned of The Prophecy of Peace as foretold by indigenous peoples from around the world. She was immediately attracted to the idea of a world without violence or fear. One of respect and reverence for all living beings. Contributing to making the Prophecy a reality became her life long passion. According to the Prophecy, “we are the ones we are waiting for.” It is up to us to act. At the Deep Peace Trust we believe this paradigm shift is happening, and to help bring it fruition is our mission. That all species get to experience and enjoy this peace, is our vision.



Our mission, in a nutshell, is to contribute to this next step in human evolution  helping people to remember the ancient wisdom lying dormant within them.  Helping them awaken to the shamanic understanding  that all life speaks, remember the invisible worlds, and creating a beautiful world, of peace, freedom, kindness and compassion for all species on this planet. Nothing less than a New Earth.

We do this through the arts, education and compassionate action. We have created an enormous pool of peace and serenity with A Place of Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary. Not only does this resonate out  into the ethers, but it serves to normalise compassion as a way of life.  Today it shares its stories for human transformation. Our pathway is impact through insight. Stories can cause transformation. Kindness has a ripple effect.  Peace is a powerful resonance.  Deep peace can lead to a tipping point of social change. The New Earth is here..help us to spread its wings.